Yes, It’s Winter – But That Doesn’t Mean you Should Forget Your Irrigation System

Yes, It’s Winter – But That Doesn’t Mean you Should Forget Your Irrigation System

Yes, It's Winter - But That Doesn't Mean you Should Forget Your irrigation SystemAccording to the poem by Tennyson, in the spring, a young man’s fancy turns to love; but if he owns a home, it’s much more likely to be consumed by the thousand-and-one little tasks he has to do to make sure his home is ready for another season of grass-cutting, weed-pulling and insect-battling, not to mention all the little upkeep chores that seem to multiply with every season.

Even though spring and all its joys may be a few months off, taking some time to plan now can save you lot of time and headaches during the really busy months when everything seems to need your attention at once. Old-time farmers new that: They spent their winters repairing tools and doing other indoor chores that could help make the busy growing season a little easier. So let’s learn from those wise ancestors. Here are three simple things you can do now, in the dead of winter, to make sure your sprinkler system is ready for the warm months of spring:

  • This is a great time to consider any modifications you need to make to an existing system, including extensions for areas you’re planning to plant this season. If it’s time for a brand-new system, planning early helps you identify areas for cost savings that might be overlooked if you’re trying to plan a system in a rush. Give us a call and let us help you figure out what you need to get that green lawn and lush garden you’ve been dreaming of.
  • Take an inventory and stock up. Nothing puts the damper on a repair or maintenance task like realizing you’re out of a critical part or supply. Take inventory now and decide if you need to buy any spare parts to have on hand for those “just in case” situations. If you haven’t done so, set aside a shelf or drawer specifically for these items so they don’t get lost.
  • Inspect your equipment. If you took off your sprinkler heads or other connections during fall maintenance, you’ve got them stored snugly away ion your garage, shed or basement. Dig them out now and inspect them to make sure they’re in good shape. Pay special attention to gaskets and valves to ensure they’re in good shape. Make sure handles and shutoffs turn properly, but don’t oil anything that feels sticky without first checking with your maintenance manual or, lacking that, consulting with us. Some resistance is necessary for proper functioning, and too much oil or grease can gum up your system.

Once you have these tasks completed, you can go ahead and let your thoughts turn to love – or to those new garden catalogs that just arrived in the mail.

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