Will Installing A Sprinkler System Increase My Water Bill?

Will Installing A Sprinkler System Increase My Water Bill?

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Many homeowners are wary of installing a sprinkler system for their lawn and garden care because they believe it will lead to a drastic increase in their water bill. After all, it’s a natural inclination to believe that you can control the water more precisely by manually watering with a hose. While there are many different factors that go into determining home water usage, most sprinklers will actually provide more efficient watering and reduce your monthly bill. Modern sprinkler systems utilize technology that allows them to determine the appropriate amount of water needed, putting automation to use for your home and for the planet.

Automated Irrigation

Automation is one of the most desirable benefits of installing sprinklers in your yard. Whether you’re taking a vacation to beat the summer heat, or you’re just too busy taking care of the kids after a long day of work, your sprinkler system will take care of your watering needs for you. You can take advantage of optimal watering conditions by setting your sprinklers to run overnight during the coolest part of the day. This results in less water succumbing to evaporation in the harsh sunlight.

The EPA is also promoting technological additions that will help your system utilize less water. Some examples of such devices are soil moisture monitors, which can examine the soil and determine when irrigation is needed. These tools can help preserve important natural resources and save you money.

More Efficient Watering

Irrigation systems consistently perform more efficiently than manual watering. Sprinklers can be customized specifically to your lawn and garden, spraying water only in the places you need it most. There are also many different type of sprinkler heads available (oscillating, stationary, revolving, etc.), and your lawn care professional can help determine which type will deliver optimum performance for your home. Efficient watering practices from automated irrigation also allow just enough water to seep into the roots of your grass. This will help protect your grass from developing shallow and weak root systems.

Reduced Sewer Costs

There are actually two charges involved in most monthly municipal water bills. The first is for actual water usage determined by the meter, and the other is a separate sewer fee since the water used in the home is eventually sent to the sewer system. Ideally, water used for irrigation shouldn’t be subject to the sewer fee since it is only going directly to the lawn. Thankfully, many municipalities will allow you to install an irrigation meter along with your sprinklers. This meter will deduct the water used for irrigation from the sewer costs, saving you even more money in the long run.

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