Tips to Keep Your Lawn In Great Shape All Winter Long

Tips to Keep Your Lawn In Great Shape All Winter Long

Winter Lawn CareWinter is on the way, and for many homeowners, that means gathering with friends and family and celebrating the holiday season. It also means you’ll need a winter lawn care maintenance routine in order to get ready for the colder and more severe weather ahead. Winter doesn’t mean you get a free pass on dealing with your yard, so follow these essential recommendations that will leave your lawn in an optimal state for the spring.

Seed before winter arrives

Any winter lawn care routine starts with a proper seeding. If you’re going to seed only one time during the year, this is the best time to do it. Many experts suggest seeding your lawn when the soil temperature reaches approximately 55 degrees. One other piece of advice is to buy the best quality seeds that you can afford. The higher the quality, the better the seeds are at staving off pests, so this is one area where you don’t want to pinch pennies if possible.

Take care of the leaves

One of the surest signs of the coming of winter is dead leaves collecting on your lawn. Even if you don’t have deciduous trees overhead, the wind is still likely to blow the abundance of leaves your way. If you don’t want your lawn to become susceptible to disease and lack of sunlight in the winter, you have to take care of the leaf situation before the first snowfall. Rake them away, or grind them with your mower and use them as mulch.

Gradually mow shorter

It’s important to keep mowing throughout the fall, at least until your yard is covered with snow or ice. Starting in October, keep mowing at your regular schedule, but gradually cut the grass blades a little shorter each time. Shorter grass during the winter will lead to healthier growth when it warms up.

Make necessary adjustments to your sprinkler system

While you will likely want to reduce your irrigation amounts in the fall due to the weaker sun, it’s ok to continue watering sporadically until the temperature drops below freezing. At this point, you want to disable your automatic sprinklers and drain the lines to avoid pipes bursting.

Fertilize just before winter begins

Your grass has been rabidly consuming nutrients from the soil throughout the hot summer months, so fertilizing at the very end of fall is a great way for it to replenish.

Treat your fragile winter lawn with care

Perhaps most importantly, your snow-covered winter lawn is in a delicate state. Try to avoid walking on it as much as possible and your grass will thank you when the spring thaw finally arrives.

Now is the perfect time to begin preparing your lawn for the harsh New Jersey winters. Let one of our lawn care experts advise you on how to get your sprinklers ready so that your grass can begin healthy growth in the spring. Simply contact us or call 1-800-WETLAWN to schedule a home consultation today.

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