Is It Time To Upgrade Your Irrigation System?

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Irrigation System?

Is it time to upgrade your irrigation systemNothing lasts forever – not even your irrigation system. If your system was installed several years ago or if you’ve changed the layout of your lawn, added hardscaping, trees or vegetable or flower gardens, your irrigation system may not be operating at peak efficiency. That means you could be wasting water – and with today’s water rates, that’s a lot of money that could literally be going down the drain!

Most systems over five years old should be evaluated for upgrades like higher-efficiency sprinkler heads and other recent technological advances that can be simple to install. (There are even upgrades that can let you monitor and manage your system remotely!) But aside from age, there are a few other indications that could indicate the need for an upgrade:

  • You added or moved flower or vegetable gardens.
  • You’ve expanded your lawn area.
  • You added a patio, walkway or other feature that causes drainage issues like puddles.
  • You’ve planted – or removed – trees or shrubs.
  • You’ve replaced old plants with new plants that have different watering requirements.
  • You’ve noticed dead spots in your lawn or you have trees, shrubs or other plants that just aren’t thriving (and may be showing signs of stress).
  • Your lawn or other plants are becoming infested with insects or fungi, both of which can occur when plants are stressed by too much or too little water.
  • You have areas of your lawn that are excessively dry or don’t drain properly.
  • Your water bills during watering season are excessively high.

While a few people may benefit from a complete overhaul of their system, others can see major benefits with just a few simple upgrades like these:

  • Relocating spray heads for more efficient use of water.
  • Installing different heads or nozzles that are a different style or height or offer a different spray pattern.
  • Creating separate zones for areas with different water needs.
  • Replacing controller components or upgrading the controller for energy savings and greater ease of use.
  • Replacing worn or poorly performing heads or nozzles.
  • Identifying tiny leaks that may be resulting in significant water waste.

When it comes to irrigation, every little effort to conserve water helps conserve your hard-earned cash, as well. Upgrading a system to more efficient components or altering a system so it waters your lawn and gardens in a more efficient way involve an initial investment that can pay for itself in just one summer.

At Garden Irrigation, we help homeowners and businesses assess their current irrigation needs to determine upgrades that can save them money in the long run. Give us a call today and schedule a check-up and evaluation now, before the busy spring season arrives, so you’ll be ready to make upgrades that can save water and cash.

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