In Ground Sprinkler Systems Installed & Serviced

Garden Irrigation has over 40 years of experience in installing and servicing a wide range of residential in ground sprinkler systems. Our technicians are passionate about providing an exceptional level of service, because they know how important a great looking lawn is to you and your family. Our sprinkler services are fully licensed and insured, and we offer free estimates and consultations to help you find the perfect irrigation system for your home.

Simply call 1-800-WET-LAWN today to speak to one of our professionals about any of these products or services.

New In Ground Sprinkler System Installation

If you’re starting your home’s in ground sprinkler system from scratch, there’s no need to be intimidated. A licensed technician from Garden Irrigation is available to walk you through every step of the process. We know that different gardens and lawns have different irrigation needs, which is why we will only recommend the top products that are best suited for your situation.

Sprinkler Service & Maintenance

Whether your irrigation setup is in need of a quick tune-up or a serious fix, our team has the expertise and proficiency necessary to repair lawn sprinkler systems.

You may be dealing with damaged lawn sprinkler heads or a malfunctioning controller, but no maintenance job is too big or small for Garden Irrigation.

We can ensure that your in ground sprinkler system is in top working condition to keep your garden looking lush and beautiful all year long.

Outdoor Lighting Installations

At Garden Irrigation, we go beyond installing and servicing your lawn sprinkler system by offering a variety of products and services designed to make your home and garden look great, so that you can get the most fulfillment out of your family time. This includes installing residential lighting systems for your safety and convenience.

Lighting can be used to illuminate a garden or path, showcase an architectural feature, or provide added peace-of-mind and security for your home.

  • Whatever your outdoor lighting needs are, Garden Irrigation can install reliable, high-quality products that will enhance the beauty of your home.

Lawn Drainage & Underground Piping

When your lawn lacks proper drainage channels, it can result in serious headaches in the best case, and major damage to your home in the worst. Our team members are experienced in installing underground piping that will provide for adequate drainage for your garden in the event of heavy rains or over-watering.

Sprinkler System Backflow Testing & Prevention

If you live in New Jersey, the law requires that every backflow prevention device must tested upon installation and whenever the house is sold. The backflow prevention device is necessary to protect your home’s potable water system from harmful contaminants.

  • We know that you don’t want to take any chance on the safety of the water that your family uses every day, so if you have any questions concerning the effectiveness of your backflow prevention, we’ll be happy to run a test for you.


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