Water Your Lawn on a Regular Schedule

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Middletown, NJ is home to numerous beaches, parks and other recreational attractions. With all the gorgeous scenery, it's no wonder residents and business owners want to keep their properties looking beautiful and pristine.

Garden Irrigation offers irrigation and sprinkler system installation, maintenance and repair services to keep your lawn looking its best. Our irrigation systems can be set up on a watering schedule, so you'll never forget to turn your sprinklers on again.

We can also help you show off your beautiful green lawn day and night by adding landscape lighting. We can install a variety of fixtures, including accent, garden and security lighting.

Call 732-972-9100 to schedule irrigation system and landscape lighting services for your Middletown, NJ property.

5 outstanding benefits of an irrigation system

On the fence about if an irrigation system is worth it? Here are five reasons why you should jump on adding one to your Middletown, NJ lawn:

  1. You can add convenience with scheduled watering
  2. You can reduce weed and fungus growth
  3. You can help preserve soil nutrients
  4. You can improve your property's appearance
  5. You'll use less water overall, which saves money

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to set up irrigation services for your home or business in Middletown, NJ.

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