Low Maintenance Plants You Need To Add To Your Outdoor Space

Low Maintenance Plants You Need To Add To Your Outdoor Space

low maintenance plants to add to your gardenManaging an incredible garden is well worth the time and the effort, but there’s a few plants that can add some shortcuts to your watering or garden care regimen. With some looking as great as they are at managing themselves, we’ve compiled some excellent plants that exclude daily supervision on account of the owner. 

Santa Barbara Daisy – The Santa Barbara Daisy rapidly spreads, leaving a carpet of daisies in its path. They have a golden yellow disc florets with white to pinkish petals on the outside. The fact that they can spread and manage themselves make them a favorite among the gardening community. 

Velvet Smoke Cloak Smoke Tree – The Velvet Cloak Smoke Tree needs minimal pruning to stay looking sharp. Other than that, its deep purple foliage look amazing year long before it turns to an orange-ish red in the autumn. 

Common Thyme – Common Thyme not only looks great, but it can double for medicinal purposes as well as a cooking ingredient. It’s also worth noting that it offers pink and purple flowers in the early summer. 

Mexican Feather Grass – Mexican Feather Grass sways in the most gentle breeze which puts it at the top of many “must have” plant lists. This plant reseeds itself and it manages to help erosion control in certain climates.

Sedum – Sedum requires little to no care. To make matters even better, they automatically come back each year and they’re one of the first to blossom in the spring. Between their vibrant color and a butterfly’s favorite treat, you’ve got a real winner in your yard when it comes to Sedum.

Whether you’re an avid gardener or just getting started, these low maintenance plants can help you enhance your yard without much effort on your part. Want a lawn that required even less maintenance? Consider an irrigation system from Garden Irrigation. Keeping your lawn and garden looking and attracting all the right attention has never been easier!

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