Lawn Mowing Tips: How To Mow Your Lawn Correctly

Lawn Mowing Tips: How To Mow Your Lawn Correctly

How to Mow Lawn
With a beautiful lawn comes the responsibility of maintaining it, and regular, frequent mowing is a crucial part of this effort. Not only do well-mown lawns look great, mowing contributes to the strength of the grass and helps prevent the infestation of weeds and diseases. While effective mowing is pretty easy to get the hang of, there are a few tips to keep in mind if you want to have the most beautiful grass possible.

Monitor the Sharpness of your Blades

Dull blades have to tear through the grass rather than cut through it cleanly. This can cause the grass to brown, leaving ugly patches throughout your yard. Most experts recommend sharpening your mower blades at least twice per season.

Wait for Late Spring or Early Summer

In early spring, the grass’s roots are still growing and trying to establish themselves in the soil. Mowing during this important time can weaken the roots and result in brown grass when the weather turns hot. Give your grass some time to take hold before you begin your regular mowing.

Beat the Heat

Not only are you more likely to overheat during the middle of the day, it’s not the best time for your grass either. Try to get your mowing done just after the morning dews have subsided, or wait until the late afternoon when the sun is nearing the horizon.

Stick to a Frequent Schedule

Given the ubiquity of hectic schedules, very few people can keep a strict plan when it comes to household chores. Still, you should try and adhere to a routine as much as possible. Pay attention to how fast your grass is growing; one session per week may be enough during slow growth periods, but you may need to adjust this during the height of the season.

Take your Time

Sure, you probably want to get back inside the cool air conditioning, but rushed mowing will lead to inconsistent cuts and an uneven appearance.

Don’t Cut it too Short

This is one of the most important tips, as “scalping” can open the door for weed infestations and other pests to ruin your immaculate lawn. Most experts agree that you shouldn’t cut more than 1/3 of the grass’s height when mowing.

Alternate your Angles

Creating alternate patterns gives your grass a unique look,and also encourages healthy growth.

Leave it on the Ground

You may be tempted to neatly bag all of your grass clippings and put them out with the trash, but that would be a mistake. Leaving clippings on the ground allows critical nutrients to seep back into the grass.

Regular mowing is only one important part of maintaining a healthy lawn. To make sure your yard’s irrigation needs are being satisfied, allow one of our professional sprinkler experts to visit your New Jersey home. They will discuss your options and determine what sprinkler system will keep your lawn looking beautiful all year long. Contact us or call 1-800-WETLAWN today.

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