Edging Ideas for a More Beautiful Lawn

Edging Ideas for a More Beautiful Lawn

Landscape Edging

If you feel that your otherwise attractive lawn with healthy, mown grass is lacking something, the answer might be edging. Edging is a great way to give your lawn a sophisticated, finished look. Not only does an edged lawn look incredibly polished, it provides a defined border for grass and plant beds, giving you a distinct area which you can maintain more easily.

There are many different varieties of edging that are available to homeowners, each with their own distinct advantages. It’s important to remember that no one type is well-suited for every lawn, and your optimal solution will largely depend on the shape and size of your yard, your maintenance abilities, and your budget.


Rocks have long been a popular choice for creating borders around flower beds, and they are very effective with grass as well. Rocks and pebbles are affordable and come in many convenient sizes.


Wood lends a unique rustic charm to any yard, and it can be customized with different designs to suit your individual style. Be wary of treated wood, as the chemicals can affect the surrounding plants.


Bricks look great, are long-lasting, and can be arranged into patterns work in your space. If there are bricks in your yard, you definitely want to keep your mower blades away in order to avoid damage.


Soft edging, where plants meet the grass, can provide a pop of colors and give your yard a lush, secret garden feel. The obvious downsides are that plants can be expensive, and require much more maintenance than non-living materials.


If you’re opting for a more modern look for your lawn, incorporate some metal edging. Metal has the benefit of being pliable, cheap, and long-lasting. Some homeowners even welcome the eventual rust that develops on most metal.


Mulch is readily available, cheap, and simple to distribute wherever you feel it’s necessary. Because of this, it can easily be removed or altered if you decide you want a change in the future.


Most often seen in the form of small fencing, plastic is easy to install and relatively inexpensive to maintain. It is susceptible to deteriorating after extended periods in the elements.


Stone is a durable material that gives any lawn a sense of luxury. Depending upon the style chosen, you may pay a premium for it.

Installing a beautiful edge is an important part of the lawn maintenance process, but it’s even more important to have a reliable sprinkler system that will keep your grass lush and healthy. If your sprinklers are in need of an overhaul, schedule a visit with one of our New Jersey lawn care experts today. They will evaluate your irrigation needs and work with you to devise a solution that will benefit your grass and your budget.All you need to get started is to Contact Us, or call 1-800-WETLAWN to get on the path to a more beautiful lawn.


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