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The Benefits Of Installing An Irrigation System

The Benefits Of Installing An Irrigation System

The Benefits of Installing an Irrigation SystemIf only your beautifully landscaped yard could be watered in the optimal early morning hours while you continued to snooze.  After you install an irrigation system, this can happen every day whether you are home or away. You may think that an irrigation system isn’t necessary, but the benefits of having one installed far outweigh the time and effort required to manually provide your landscaping and yard with excellent care. Here are some of the many benefits of installing an irrigation system:

Prevent Weeds

Using drip irrigation can allow you to specifically water the root ball of each plant or shrub, unlike manual watering with a hose. By watering the plants directly, you avoid watering open areas of your landscaping where weed seeds lay waiting to germinate.

Use Water More Efficiently

How often have you forgotten to move the sprinkler in a timely manner? The result: One area of your yard gets soaked while the rest goes thirsty. Installing an irrigation system allows critical areas to all receive water evenly and simultaneously for more efficient water usage. If you are concerned about water conservation, you can set the timer to take advantage of the early morning and late evening hours which are best for watering. These times allow water to reach the plants roots and prevent it from evaporating quickly in the heat of the day. You may even find that an irrigation system requires even less water than your previous hose and sprinkler method.

Automate Routine Watering Tasks

Watering by hand takes a substantial amount of time at inconvenient hours that could be put to better uses. Installing an irrigation system automates these tasks, freeing up your time for more pleasurable pursuits. Even if you are on vacation, your irrigation system is still hard at work at home watering your lovely landscaping and lawn right on time.

Design a System to Fit Your Needs and Save Money

Irrigation systems do not have to be one size fits all. By consulting with a professional, you can discuss the unique terrain of your property and the areas you are most concerned with. That side yard that frequently floods obviously will not need an irrigation system, but perhaps that bare spot in the front yard would support grass if it had regular watering. Our professionals can work with you to design and install an irrigation system that can save you hard-earned money in the long run. Efficient watering practices lead to lower water bills and properly cared for plants can greatly reduce future landscaping costs.  Allow our professionals to visit you and discuss your irrigation needs. Visit or give us a call at 1-800-WETLAWN.

Top Tips For Growing Succulents

Top Tips For Growing Succulents

Succulents, a category of plants that includes cacti, aloe, and other similar varieties that retain a great deal of water, are becoming increasing popular as garden lovers and home owners look for plants that don’t require a lot of water. Succulents also make great landscaping plants, as well as excellent inside decorations.  If you’re thinking aboutContinue Reading

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