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How To Add Value To Your Home With Landscape Lighting

How To Add Value To Your Home With Landscape Lighting

How To Add Value To Your Home With Landscape LightingThinking about adding landscape lighting to your home? Landscape lighting can add value to your home by enhancing curb appeal, addressing potential safety issues, creating a warm, welcoming appearance, and highlighting the beautiful architectural features of your home and yard. In addition to enhancing the appearance of your home at night, properly designed and installed landscape lighting can illuminate outdoor living spaces so you can continue to enjoy them after dark. Lastly, landscape lighting can even serve as a burglary deterrent as intruders tend to avoid well-lit areas. Here are just a few ways you can use landscape lighting to enhance your existing landscape design and add value to your home:

Highlight Your Home’s Architecture

Interesting architectural details often add value to a home. The use of landscape lighting to accentuate the architecture of your house reiterates the value these features add to your property. Properly installed lighting can bring out stone or brick texture on the façade of a house without creating harsh lighting inside the home. You can also accentuate any peaks or dormers with lighting fixtures that can easily disappear in shadows after dark.

Enhance Your Landscaping Design

The impact of thoughtfully designed and well-maintained landscapes need not be limited to the daylight hours. The right lighting can bring out the beauty of shrubs, flowerbeds, and other landscaping elements after night falls. Garden lighting can enhance the curb appeal of your home and help outdoor living spaces, like patios, feel more inviting. Many landscape features deserve a little extra attention. Unique trees and water features like fountains or ponds especially can appear even more beautiful come nighttime.

Illuminate Outdoor Living Spaces

The soft glow of moonlight adds a gentle and inviting ambiance to outdoor living in spaces. Since real moonlight isn’t always available, you can use landscape lighting to create a moonlit effect. Soft light, trickling through the trees is perfect for an evening outdoors with friends and family on the back patio. The shadows created as the light shines softly through the foliage can also add interest to driveways or paths while ensuring everyone can see where they’re walking or driving.

Just as there are many ways to utilize landscape lighting, there are several different types of fixtures and techniques. A landscape professional will ensure you’re using the right tools and techniques to achieve the desired effect. Our residential lighting experts will be happy to assist you from initial design all the way through to installation of your landscape lighting.

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