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What You Should Consider Before Installing A Fence

What You Should Consider Before Installing A Fence

What You Should Consider Before Installing A FenceAre you ready to build the fence of your dreams? Don’t forget to plan well first! Here are several questions you should stop and ask yourself before getting out the shovel.

Why Do You Want a Fence?

What’s the main purpose of your fence? Some people want to build a fence for its aesthetic appeal– the white picket fence in the front yard, or maybe some arbors in the back yard. Others want a fence for privacy, which tend to be taller, full board options. Others prefer even taller, thicker, masonry fences for security purposes. And some want fences primarily for their pets. Your ultimate goal should be your deciding factor when picking out a fence.

What Materials Match Your Surroundings?

As a general rule to follow, opt for a fence material that matches your surroundings. Earth-colored or stained boards are ideal for matching a variety of different landscapes, which is why they are so popular. A white fence can look great against green grass, but it might look out of place against a house with dark paint and trim. Also, take into account landscapes, hardscapes, roof styles, and more when picking out the right materials.

What are the Building Codes and CC&Rs in Your Area?

Yes, fences are still subject to local building codes and regulations, especially when it comes to what materials you use, where you build, and how you build the fence. You should also look up any CC&Rs (covenants, conditions and restrictions) that apply to your individual neighborhood. Fences in your area may need to be created with certain materials, use specific colors, and reach specific heights – otherwise, you could be subject to fines. Look up this information before you start planning!

Do You Know Your Property Lines?

You may think that property lines are fairly obvious, but this is one of the most common issues with building a new fence. Where does your property actually end? What do your borders really look like? The answer may surprise you – looks and assumptions can be deceiving, especially if you have nearby neighbors. When planning out a fence, it’s a smart idea to look at the maps that came with your home purchase which show the precise boundaries of your lot – or take a look at the plat maps if you can find them online or at a local title company. This can avoid painful lawsuits in the future.

What Do You Want in Entrances and Exits?

Think carefully about fence entrances. How big do you want them? How many do you want? Where do you want them? What needs to fit through? Remember, if you want any major landscaping features in the future, you will at least need to fit a wheelbarrow through and at most a whole truck, so removable sections of a fence can be handy, as well. Consider also what security measures and locks or latches that you would like to use.

Where Should You Begin?

Did you know that, before you begin digging for a fence, you should see where your irrigation, gas and electrical lines are to avoid making a costly mistake? This is another good reason to call a professional fencing expert for advice or an estimate before you start designing. Visit Garden Irrigation’s Gatekeeper Fence Division for more information on how to get started on your dream fence.

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