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Spring Cleanup Begins NOW

Spring Cleanup Begins NOW

Spring Cleanup Begins NOWAre you ready for spring? The insects, molds and rodents are, and if you aren’t vigilant, they can get a big head-start destroying your lawn from the root up. Now is the time to take steps to do a little preemptive maintenance so you can spot and eliminate problems now before they have a chance to grow into major springtime headaches. Begin with these tips:

Look for signs of infestation. Remove any dead leaves or other debris from around your foundation and look for earth-colored tunnels that could indicate termite activity. Also look for webs, cocoons and egg cases. Of course, insects aren’t the only pests that can invade your lawn and your home. This is also a good time to look for burrows or fur clumps that could indicate mice, voles or other small mammals have taken up residence. Once debris is removed from the base of your house, move on to other structures and check them for signs of infestation as well.

Know the signs of snow mold. Snow mold occurs most commonly when piles of snow or slush remain on the ground for a long period of time, when your lawn was not mowed short enough before winter hit or when piles of thatch are allowed to remain on the ground over the winter. Snow mold appears as brown patches in your lawn, and the good news is, your lawn can usually recover on its own, as long as your lawn has plenty of “good” microbes in it.

Resist the urge to uncover tender plants. Around this time of the year, Mother Nature tends to tempt us with occasional warm days reminiscent of spring. In some cases, there may be stretches of several days of spring-like temperatures. But don’t be fooled; There’s still plenty of time – weeks, in fact – when killing frosts, snows and ice storms can send us reeling back into winter. Make sure to keep plants protected until spring has truly arrived.

Check trees and shrubs for signs of winter damage that may mean you need to call in an arborist, or remove and replace trees or shrubs that have been significantly injured. Don’t prune yet. Check the areas around roots for signs of burrowing; many mice and other small rodents enjoy the added coverage of low-hanging foliage, so shrubs are especially prone to root burrowing during the winter. Don’t forget to replace any mulch you remove to inspect the roots.

If you have a compost pile, evict resident rodents and give the pile a good turn. Keep adding kitchen waste and add an armful or two of leaves if you have any hanging around.

Get your tools ready. This is a great time to sharpen blades, oil moving parts and repair or replace damaged parts or equipment. Mend broken handles or start shopping now for brand new tools to get all your tasks done with ease. Start up your power tools and make sure they’re running properly so you can take them in for repairs before the busy spring season begins.

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